Counting Down Disney's Dames

We examine and rank Disney’s most famous female protagonists based on their ability to promote gender equality and feminist ideals.

Loveliness and the Labia

I’m not one to pander slavishly after genital ideals propagated by porn. Big dicks, big tits: big deal. But possessing a pussy, one is bound to wonder (hopefully casually): what’s good?

The Man who Created NZ Culture

How an advertising company shaped the face of New Zealand culture in 1989.

When Something Snaps

It didn’t take an Iago to make James Ramage kill his wife, Julie. Nor had the Australian company director ever felt isolated at suburban dinner parties by the colour of his skin. There were no malevolent outside forces – just a stifling, unhappy marriage that had run its course into middle-age.

So You Need an Abortion

In Aotearoa New Zealand, as in many other countries worldwide, abortion continues to be an area of hotly contested and emotionally charged debate. Although our abortion laws are considered restrictive compared to those of other OECD countries, most women are able to obtain an abortion should they need one.

Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night

When I was 15, my boyfriend tried to introduce a frozen Mars Bar into our playground antics. “C’mon,” he whispered, drooling awkwardly on my neck. “It’ll be fun.”

Pimp my Vag

When the women’s liberation movement started, it’s safe to assume that turning vaginas into twenty-four hour glittering discotheques was not in their vision.

When Feminism Walks Down the Aisle

Can marriage be considered a feminist act?

My Body My Self?

Yes, by body is flawed, but I still have fun. Some might say too much. I like fun, and I like the ways my body can give me, and others, fun.

Autocomplete FAIL

The failings of Google Autocomplete.

So You Want to Enrich Your Life by Getting Tattooed

It’s not my job to tell you what to get, but let me just say: If you’re 18, from a loving family, and are in your first year of a law degree with aspirations to join the Bar, I might politely suggest that you don’t get “FIST FUCK” tattooed across your knuckles.

Yes Means Yes!

When we talk about consent, we often use the phrase no means no. It sounds straightforward enough, but viewing consent in this way is incredibly problematic due to its reductive simplicity.

Poking the Nub: Gaga does Feminism?

She wants to be a feminist, little ‘f’, without being a Feminist, a man-hating dyke. The problem is that this stereotype, if it ever existed in reality, certainly no longer applies to the modern Feminist movement.

Finding the 'me' in Feminism

What does it even mean to be a feminist today? After all, women can vote, direct companies, divorce their husbands and have abortions – what else is there to fight for? What is the state of feminism in 2010: who are its leaders and what are they doing?

Is the Battle Over?

The military institution believes that by providing an outlet for sexual frustration, the likelihood of soldiers (a) becoming involved with or (b) raping local women will be diminished.


Just doin' some mad riffs

Popping Your Cherry Bier

I once exclaimed (somewhat truthfully) to my flatmate that “I like my women like I like my beer: bitter.” His (somewhat truthful) reply was “well, I like my women like I like my food: bland.” 

Top Five Ladies of the Old Testament

Most women in the Bible are either whores or housewives, kind of like in The Sopranos. Fewer than 200 of them are named in the Old Testament and, regardless of where they sit on the prostitute-housewife continuum, most have questionable morals. But the Good Book is still home to some rockin’ bitches.

Jimmy D & Madame Hawke

We talk to James Dobson of Jimmy D and Emily Miller Sharma of Madame Hawke.

Nana's Nannas

Recipe for Banana and Creamy Caramel Cupcakes

Thursdays in Black

Wearing black on Thursdays demonstrates a desire for a community where we can all walk safely without the fear of being beaten up, verbally abused, raped, or of being discriminated against due to your sexual orientation, political affiliation, religion, gender or ethnicity.

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